Latest Testimonials


Latest Testimonials

The Hops - Club Wyong - 18/06/2022
(From Facebook- Central Coast Rock`n`Roll Page) Great night too..... Eva Timtim Curay Tanaire and I had a cracker of a night. ... great dancing and lots of laughs too. Loved hearing lots of the old songs we grew up with .... well done guysI

Kristo and King - Vincent St Kitchen & Bar - 17/12/2018
Great job guys, I told you I needed to be impressed, and it looks like you nailed it perfectly.

Kristo and King - Vincent St Kitchen & Bar - 17/12/2018
The songs you chose to perform for our soft launch opening were superb guys, your act is great and we will see you next time for sure.

Kristo and King - Shenanigans - Imperial Hotel Maitland - 15/12/2018
We need your contact please, you guys are just amazing, honestly we are just loving every song so far you have done and wow those harmonies.

Smokin Rosie - The Bayview Hotel Woy Woy - 15/12/2018
I saw Smokin Rosie at the Catho Pub and couldnt believe my luck when I walked in tonight to see them playing! They are definitely the band to see so I rang all my friends to come down - another great night, thanks!

Smokin Rosie - The Bayview Hotel Woy Woy - 15/12/2018
Another ripper of a gig from you guys - the dance floor was jammed and everyone was singing every song all night long - we love you guys!

Kristo and King - Allans 60th At Buladelah Bc - 8/12/2018
Everyone is talking about you guys, unreal job guys.

Kristo and King - Private 60th - 8/12/2018
Great night guys. Played all the right tunes and the crowd really enjoyed the show. I can recommend Kristo & King for anyone that wants/needs an awesome act for their function

Under Scrutiny - The Manno Taree - 8/12/2018
We werenít sure what Under Scrutiny were going to be like but it didnít take long before we knew they were good.The songs sounded like the real ones and you could hear everything clearly.Highly recommend them and would gladly have them back again next week.

Under Scrutiny - Bellevue Hotel Tuncurry - 7/12/2018
What a great band!We havnt had a new band play here before attract such a big crowd & we were very pleasantly surprised when they started playing! WOW,they had the dance floor full from song 3! Canít wait to see them here again!

Murray Byfield - Denman Hotel - 2/12/2018
Excellent - Great Voice

Romney Watts - Swansea Workers Club - 2/12/2018
Great!! Perfect versatility for any night Friday, Saturday or Sunday

The Way - Edgeworth Tavern - 1/12/2018
Great duo.

Chris Unicomb - Cessnock Hotel - 1/12/2018
Well received

Layth Gunn - Swansea Workers Club - 1/12/2018
Great. Perfect for a Saturday Night

Minute By Minute - Windale Gateshead Bowling Club - 1/12/2018
The band was excellent

Kristo and King - Blackbutt Hotel - 30/11/2018
We are so glad that the fight is on in the other room as we get you guys to ourselves. Brilliant job and keep it up all night because we will be staying if you keep being that good.

Mark Lee - Lake Macquarie Yacht Club - 30/11/2018
Mark was really good

Jacinta - Summerland Sporties - 30/11/2018
Excellent, really good feedback from patrons. She has a great voice.

Creedence Show Plus Women Of Rock - Edgeworth Tavern - 30/11/2018
Fantastic night.

Layth Gunn - Windale Gateshead Bowling Club - 30/11/2018
Layth was very good

Ben Woodham - Commercial Hotel Boolaroo - 30/11/2018
Ben was terrific

Gareth Jay - Swansea Workers Club - 25/11/2018
perfect for a sunday!!

Pat vs Cat - Doyalson RSL - 24/11/2018
Excellent. One of the best duos we get here. Kept patrons entertained.

The V Dubs - Shoal Bay Country Club - 24/11/2018
Solid Show!

David McCredie - Swansea Workers Club - 24/11/2018
Very talented

Burn n Carrot - Denman Hotel - 24/11/2018
Burn n Carrot were great

Kristo and King - Swansea RSL Club - 24/11/2018
Patrons loved them.

Siren - Manning River Hotel - 24/11/2018
Sirens were sensational

Kristo and King - Doyalson RSL - 23/11/2018
Kristo and King were great. played good music with good sound, patrons enjoyed, really good feedback.