About EPOD

The EPOD system has been created and developed by Paul Christensen, a professional musician for over 27 years and the Managing Director of Whirlwind Entertainment Agency in NSW Australia. The ultimate purpose of The EPOD system was to supply something for professionals in the entertainment industry that was missing - “LIVE” Availabilities, but the development just kept expanding along with our vision. After innovative system design implementations, we now have available to all professionals in entertainment the “EPOD” system, the most comprehensive online Availabilities System, Search Directory and a whole new world of Advanced Entertainment Interactivity.

Who can use EPOD?
Any venue, agent or the public can connect to EPOD artists through all the usual connect points such as website facebook or the EPOD search directory. These connection points will have the acts direct contact details or their agency / management if represented,  preventing the usual frustrations that can occur when trying to connect to your chosen act.

With EPOD Search, it’s simple!  
Search by availability, act name, type, suburb, state,, then you can view, listen, read, connect, check accurate availability, and even go through the booking process right there online with the main contact of the act either directly or through their agency.

EPOD for Artists.
The EPK (EPOD Presentation Kit) becomes the central connection for all promotional elements and pathways available on the act. With EPOD it’s all  there in a professional format ready for you to email or send to prospective clients, then the interested party receiving the email, connects into everything that is available on your act in seconds. With your product you can update promotional material, upload audio and video, create press kits, create user access to assign specific tasks to members, create availabilities on the fly, promote upcoming gigs and advertise your show.
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EPOD for Venues
EPOD for Venues have something very special available to them. They can connect directly to the EPOD acts in their own EPOD system, prepare a date for booking, click on the date to view the EPOD acts available where you can instantly screen them or book online. EPOD for Venues also has another bonus of being able to share their gig guides instantly by way of email or social media for any booking they place in their booking system and also plug in their LIVE entertainment guide in their own website. This has already started to cause a stir with venues patrons & public becoming active promoters for the venues entertainment as they then share the acts EPK’s onto their own friends as to build that great gathering of people for that night out at that venue to see that great act. Yet the preparation and planning gets done in people’s homes and on their phones, due to having all the tools needed right from the gig guide that the venue has shared on their facebook.
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Our Goal
Our goal is for EPOD to deliver an interactive relationship for ACTS with VENUES / VENUES with PATRONS / PATRONS to their FRIENDS /FRIENDS back to ACTS, creating a mass support base around the world for LIVE music in LIVE music venues.