Artist Testimonials

It is just great to have everything in the one place - "EPOD" that is - everything about your act and it's easy to access and use. If you need any help, Paul is excellent with support and is also great at producing high quality promo material for you. Check it out and get on it !
Jon Matthews

Hi Paul thanks for all the hard work & time you put to make the EPOD system what it is.

Hi guys, just a little promo for the great work Paul Christensen at EPOD Australia has been doing with his online entertainment system for musicians, bands or just those that run their own entertainment act of any sort. It’s a breeze to set up and use to update your gig lists, availabilities etc and a really easy way for venues to check out your profile and book you. I'd encourage other performers to check it out and get in touch with him and check out the page or just do what I did, buy it and get it working for you24/7 around the clock.
Scott Janes

EPOD system has everything I need at my fingertips to keep a steady work flow coming in.. it’s so efficient mate! I'm a full time musician as you know and I look organized and professional when it comes to getting gigs with the system you created, then having more dates ready for venues before I leave the venue after a gig at the tip of my fingers with the EPOD App is such a bonus mate.... I can’t remember what it was like without this gem, well maybe I can, I just don't want to remember how hard it was before I purchased EPOD. I wouldn't have as much work without it that's for sure! So great job to you & EPOD .
Darren Rolling Keys

Epod Australia is the one stop shop, everything you need to promote and market yourself, your band, your services and talents. Every entertainer/musician/singer should have this valuable multipurpose tool. Even link it to your own web site. Saves time, money and double updating. If you are serious about "your business" then get serious and use Epod to its fullest capacity.
Chris Anthony from Klassic Blak and also The Midnight Drifters

Just reminiscing about all the Gigs I have done this year with 4 Letter word. Just wanted to thanks the boys for an awesome year so far and EPOD and Paul Christensen for creating such an awesome tool for booking our gigs and running our entertainment setup for the band. Epod !! It has made our booking system a breeze and a fantastic promotional tool !!"
Corey - 4 Letter Word

Paul and his team have done a great job with the EPOD system. It’s a fantastic product for anyone involved in the music industry

I would like to convey my happiness being on the EPOD  site. It’s a modern and a functional way to be booked, manage dates and availability quickly. The best and only site for entertainment professionals

Even though EPOD is easy and worthwhile to use - Paul Christiansen himself is very accessible and most helpful, and that gives this well thought out product a great user friendly plus!

EPOD is an essential resource for all working musicians. It is completely user friendly, I am able to quickly jump online on my phone and update my availability and check up on upcoming gigs. Awesome job guys!!!

EPOD is the easiest availabilities system I have ever used. It has helped me promote my show and get more bookings

EPOD is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. As an Indie Artist it has everything I need to showcase what I do, and all on one page with just a click of a button you can find my available dates, song samples, videos, etc.. Thumbs up to Paul and his team and Good luck in the future

Brilliant Paul, thanks for all your hard work, its a credit to you and it will mean credit to us, great stuff

Great work, great design. You rock!

Thanks Mr C....the EPOD is just amazing - its true brilliance

Who said musicians aren't organised!! EPOD enables me to stay on top of my bookings and availabilities. There is no need do 10 phone calls just to book one gig. It's automated and I'm organised months in advance. It also helps acts who require an EPK.

Great work Paul and Team! This will be a great tool for Acts, Venues and Agents

My EPOD artist website is fantastic. It has everything a small artist (or larger artists) need, all at you finger tips. Available on any computer anywhere anytime, phone access is also such a huge bonus as I use this option at Gigs or during general discussions with potential clients/venues. I can simply access my song list, my demo music files and my availabilities – right there as we speak! The professionalism of my site (thanks Paul) shows them that I am serious about my music and not just a “back yard garage band”. When contacted over the phone I direct them to my web page as we speak and take them through how they can access everything. Whilst still on the same phone call I’m able to lock the inquiry into a confirmed gig. You’d be crazy not to become a user of My EPOD.

EPOD has made the life of a full time and part time musician infinitely easier. Gigs are easy to locate, more control over your advanced bookings and allows for most individuals to organise their other commitments (lets face it, some of us have kids, work etc) months in advance. Sarki has contributed part of its success this last year, to the EPOD System and its ability to showcase your current line up, provide factual information, availability, current gigs and feedback from venues and patrons! A big thanks to Paul and his team for the continuing success of SARKI through EPOD!

Awesome website, great for acts and venues. Now it's time to ROCK.

Great work Paul! Acts, Venues and Agents will now be able to freely source info and that will inturn help to make the music industry better. Good one matey

The simplicity of the EPOD system has made all my dealings as an artist so much more easier than conventional ways of dealing with agents & venues. With the click of a mouse i can update my available dates, receive bookings and view testimonials from clients. By using EPOD I have full confidence in knowing i am being advertised & marketed in the highest regard to give me maximum exposure to the industry, which has to date proven to be a crucial element in receiving the work that i constantly obtain.

As a more recent artist embarking on their musical career in a full time capacity, I feel most fortunate to have the EPOD system at my fingertips! It is an excellent promotional tool that showcases the uniqueness of each artist and what they have to offer. It's great how the combination of artist bio, photos, demos and youtube links authentically represent each act. But mostly I appreciate how effectively EPOD' ing organises everything automatically, making life easy, my gigs and availabilities are instantly updated and displayed for all parties to view and the layout looks fantastic!

Looks fantastic - well done Paul!

I have been a professional Guitarist and Singer for over Two Decades, and part of the “Whirlwind Entertainment Team” for almost one of those Decades. I have always found the Support and Communication from the Agency to be Second to none (and I have dealt with many different agencies in past years). Now with the addition of the EPOD system It has helped my act to no end. It is a Brilliant way to get information and pass on important updates regarding the Act any time 24hrs a day. The EPOD system is easy and convenient to use and surely is a must have for any artist or someone requiring an act.

Excellent work Paul, The site looks great. Great accomplishment! Looking forward to taking advantage of all your hard work. Steve,
Slam Tango

How good is Epod? It is so good that I have redirected my artist website to my own Epod page. Not only is it an amazing resource for booking agents to find me and all my details, it is so well set out that I am proud to have it as a fan site too. Much more professional than any site I could create for myself. And so easy to use. I am so happy to be a part of the beginning of this revolution and look forward to watching it grow and grow. The skys the limit for Paul and the Epod team

What a great setup for people who are looking for entertainers. Very professional

The Soup loves EPOD easy for us to manage our availability and for venue's and to check our availability. It's also makes us look groovy

As a drummer also managing the band, EPOD is an absolute no brainier when choosing software to assist managing gigs payments and
communicating to band members. If you don't have EPOD you will be disorganised. Venues find the availabilities calendar extremely helpful.
You need this program if your in a band.

EPOD is an indispensible tool for promoting yourself as an artist and entertainer, it allows us to display our profiles not only to the public, but venue operators as well, I wouldn’t be without it.

EPOD Has really helped to professionalise myself within the music industry. Not only is it simple to understand from both the Artist and the customers point of view, it sets out the information with an extremely efficient and ordered design. Thanks EPOD.

I have found the EPOD to be a great way to keep track of all things musical, be it gig times, available dates, records of past gigs for tax time....
Its a great promotional tool for artists and a great way for venues to check out acts to suit their needs.The best thing for the professional muso, is it's all there at your fingertips, reminders for gigs coming up to help those with bad memories (me) and everything else it provides!!!

EPOD's a fantastic idea! What good timing for this industry, I think it's exactly what's needed right now. When we do a great job we want every chance for the venue or customer to get us back in there, that's the whole point to us. So something that gives us that while keeping everybody happily in the picture would have to be about the best marketing tool we could ever hope for. All the best Paul and EPOD crew, thanks giving us the "missing link" we've need so long!