Very Good Duo
Manager - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 5/01/2019

Fantastic duo, fantastic night!
Manager - Swansea RSL Club - 31/12/2018

Always great!
Manager - Royal Hotel - 30/12/2018

Very Good Duo
Manager - Edgeworth Tavern - 17/11/2018

Outerphase were great for the day!
Manager - Dora Creek Workers Club - 6/11/2018

Great music and fun guys.
Pat Blakey - Dora Creek Workers Club - 6/11/2018

Excellent show, we were there for family function for dinner and stayed the whole night dancing.
Susan Sussex - Commercial Hotel Morpeth - 3/11/2018

Excellent selection of music and great musicians
Manager - Club Wyong RSL - 2/11/2018

Excellent Duo. Great music. Looking forward to having them back soon.
Manager - Australia Hotel Cessnock - 27/10/2018

Great show, excellent music selection.
Manager - Teagardens Country Club - 13/10/2018

These guys were fantastic!
Manager - Doyalson RSL - 28/09/2018

Really great band, very fitting for the venue.
Manager - Anna Bay Tavern - 21/07/2018

What an awesome show. Our party danced all night and we had the best time. Great songs and excellent entertainers. Looking forward to seeing them again soon
Angie Durund - Commercial Hotel Morpeth - 2/06/2018

Excellent duo, very good high energy pop rock, good selection and very interactive with crowd
Manager - Club Wyong - 30/03/2018

The boys were great as usual
Manager - Long Jetty Hotel - 2/03/2018

Great rocky duo
Manager - Edgeworth Tavern - 24/02/2018

Outerphase were great for NYE!
Manager - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 31/12/2017

Great Music!
Manager - Doyalson RSL - 22/12/2017

Outerphase were excellent!
Manager - Australia Hotel Cessnock - 11/11/2017

These guys are awesome. Danced all night thankyou
Sarah Price - Anna Bay Tavern - 30/09/2017

Outerphase - great as usual
Peter - Anna Bay Tavern - 30/09/2017

Outerphase were great!
Manager - Long Jetty Hotel - 15/09/2017

Excellent band, had us up dancing all night
Brent Wallace - Australia Hotel Cessnock - 2/09/2017

Fantastic show. Loved all the songs.
Karen - Tall Timbers Hotel - 1/09/2017

Outerphase was great
Manager - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 30/06/2017

Excellent show cant wait to see them back at Soldiers Point soon
Fay Johnson - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 30/06/2017

Outerphase were a great Duo. Exactly what we are looking for on a Friday Night. Good mix of Pub rock.
Manager - Seabreeze Hotel - 19/05/2017

Saw these guys perform last weekend and they were excellent. Great music and entertaining. Loved the show.
Ernie Blackwell - Singleton Diggers - Alroy Park - 8/04/2017

What an awesome show. Played all the best songs and gig it well! Looking forward to seeing them back soon.
Jason Racsque - Teagardens Country Club - 1/04/2017

Wow. Best duo Ive seen in a long time.
Sarah Delaney - Nelson Bay Diggers - 24/03/2017

Outerphase Duo were excellent and just what our event wanted. Great music and easy to work with. Thankyou guys!
Charlestown Darts Association - Private Function - 18/03/2017

The Boys were excellent as usual..
Manager - Anna Bay Tavern - 18/02/2017

Best live duo ever. Thankyou for sharing your gifts
Allison Finn - Patron - 2/02/2017

At singleton tonight, saw these guys playing. Fantastic
Brenda Young - Singleton Diggers - Alroy Park - 14/01/2017

Had a good night at Alroy club in Singleton & seen the band Outerphase & they were awesome
Gai N Stan Keaton - Singleton Diggers - Alroy Park - 14/01/2017

Manager - Anna Bay Tavern - 10/12/2016

Outerphase were GREAT!
Manager - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 29/10/2016

Outerphase were excellent thankyou!
Manager - Doyalson RSL Club - 14/10/2016

Outerphase were excellent!
Manager - Club Wyong - 1/10/2016

Guys were excellent as usual
Manager - Teagardens Country Club - 6/08/2016

Had a great night. Catch up again when u play next. We really enjoyed the night at shoal bay country club. Let us know when ur playing again
Karen Brotherston - Country Club Hotel - 22/07/2016

Outerphase were great!
Manager - The Bradford - 26/06/2016

The guys were great
Manager - Teagardens Country Club - 11/06/2016

Awesome! Everyone loved them!
Manager - Club Wyong - 6/05/2016

Always a great night.
Management - Australia Hotel @ Cessnock - 12/03/2016

Thanks for a great night, we dont get to go out much but had the best time. The show played all our favourites
Kelly And Jason Martins - Beachcomber Hotel - 5/03/2016

Have seen these guys a few times and each time they get better and better. great night out thanks guys!
Susan Jamieson - Family Hotel Maitland - 19/02/2016

Great duo, really rocked the place
Staff - Tall Timbers Hotel - 12/02/2016

Outerphase were Great!
Manager - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 6/02/2016

Outerphase were Awesome!
Manager - Private Function - 9/01/2016

Outerphase were great Will definitely rebook
Manager - Teagardens Country Club - 26/12/2015

Outerphase were Outstanding!
Management - Australia Hotel - Cessnock - 21/11/2015

These guys are fantastic. Definitely the best duo at the pub in a very long time. Get them back!
Sarah Delaney - Australia Hotel - Cessnock - 21/11/2015

Outerphase was fantastic. They played all the great songs, kept the crowd and were just an excellent al-round show. We will be looking to use them for our next event.
Margaret Janes - Court House Hotel - 27/09/2015

Brilliant show. Great music and really nice guys. Would highly recommend this show to anyone.
Luke Forman - Birthday Party - 12/09/2015

Awesome duo
Stephanie Janes - Gateshead Tavern - 23/08/2015

Good to see some really talented musicians. really enjoyed this show
Peter Sellow - Toronto Hotel - 21/08/2015

We were staying at the resort and were lucky enough to see these guys. Fantastic!
Luke And Sarah Pearsdon - Country Club Hotel - Courtyard - 26/07/2015

These guys were awesome!!
Andrew - Entertainment Manager - Royal Hotel @ Singleton - 10/05/2015

Great Duo, great music, looking forward to seeing them here again soon
Scott Peters - Courthouse Hotel @ Paterson - 17/04/2015

Fantastic Duo - playing all the great rock tunes
Stephany Graham - Country Club Hotel - Courtyard - 29/03/2015

Great classic pub rock - cant wait to see them again
Blake Nichols - Anna Bay Tavern - 28/03/2015

One of the best duos ive seen, we stayed all night and had a great time
Karen Riddett - Family Hotel @ Maitland - 13/03/2015

Entertainment Manager - Cessnock Ex-services Club - 17/01/2015

Great act Paul, would like to book again please
Phil - Greta Workers Club - 16/01/2015

We had an amazing night, fantastic music that kept us up dancing all night. The boys do a great job.
Sarah Leacoy - Soldiers Point Bowling Club - 31/12/2014

Very good feedback. Thanks
Venue - Breakers Country Club - 18/06/2011