EPOD 7 Day Gig Guide

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Wednesday 16/06/2021 Brendan Watson Lakes Hotel 7.00pm
Thursday 17/06/2021 Klassic Blak Terrigal 50+ Leisure & Learning $10 Includes Morning Tea 10.00am
Friday 18/06/2021 Bliss Bomb Bellevue Hotel @ Tuncurry 8.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Brendan Watson Beach Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 David Mccredie Warners At The Bay 8.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Dj And K West Tamworth Leagues Club 8.30pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Dj Sez Swansea Workers Club 8.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Hendo Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo 6.30pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Liam Kennedy-clark Rutherford Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Louis Burt Muree Golf Club 7.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Mandi Jarry Swansea Hotel 7.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Murray Byfield Plough Inn 8.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Nathan Cole Wallarah Bay Recreation Club 730pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Pat Vs Cat Anna Bay Tavern 8.15pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Romney Watts Nelson Bay Bowling Club 6.45pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Smokin Rosie Windale Gateshead Bowling Club 7.00pm
Friday 18/06/2021 Spank N The Monkey The Bradford 8.30pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Bliss Bomb The Bradford 8.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Dj And K West Tamworth Diggers 9.30am
Saturday 19/06/2021 Exit Lane Imperial Hotel - Singleton 8.30pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Georgie James Beach Hotel 2.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 James Naldo Club Catalina 6.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Josh Drinkwater Swansea Workers Club 7.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Jump Lakes Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Louis Boyd Royal Hotel @ Singleton 6.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Louis Burt Goonoo Goonoo Hotel 3pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Nick Read Boolaroo Sports Club 6.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Nathan Cole Macarthur Tavern 6pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Outerphase Swansea Rsl Club 7.30pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Pat Vs Cat Swansea Hotel 7.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Ryan Hemsworth Exchange Hotel 6.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Simon King Meet Restaurant And Bar 9.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Siren Hotel Wangi 8.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Soundabout Honeysuckle Hotel 9.00pm
Saturday 19/06/2021 Sideshow Annie Family Hotel Katoomba - Winter Magic Festival
Saturday 19/06/2021 The Way Lakeside Village Tavern - Raymond Terrace 8.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Angie Gateshead Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Allan Freihaut Forster Golf Club 4pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Codi Kaye Lakes Hotel 2.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Darren Rolling Keys The Bay Hotel 2.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Jamie Martens Dora Creek Workers Club 2.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Louis Boyd Gnh 5
Sunday 20/06/2021 Madelyn Swansea Workers Club 2.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Mandi Jarry Bayview Hotel - Woy Woy 2.30pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Mick Jones Anna Bay Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Murray Byfield Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 1.30pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Mccredie Brothers Swansea Hotel 2.30pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Red Whiskey Macqurie Arms Hotel 1.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Ryan Hemsworth Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 1.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Ty Coates Windsor Castle Hotel 12.00pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 The Hitpit Gwandalan Bowling Club 1.30pm
Sunday 20/06/2021 Veronika Lawson Kincumber Hotel 3.00pm