EPOD 7 Day Gig Guide

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Wednesday 17/10/2018 Kel-anne Brandt Belmont 16ft Sailing Club 11am
Thursday 18/10/2018 Be The Rock Star The Lakes Hotel The Entrance 8.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 All In Good Fun Karaoke Muree Golf Club 7.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Ben Woodham Summerland Sporties 6.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Bernie Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Bob Allan Swansea Workers Club 7.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Craig Thommo Minto Mirage Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Darren Rolling Keys Windale Gateshead Bowling Club 7.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Daxton Monaghan Terrigal Hotel 7:00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 German Bruimeisters Mark Hotel 7.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Grace Fuller Palace Hotel 11:30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Hummdinger Club Wyong Rsl 7.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Hendo Salamander Bay Tavern Duo 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Jamie Martens Plough Inn 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Kates Karaoke Long Jetty Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Katie N Feff Mary Ellen Hotel 9.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Kempy The Bradford 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Kelly Griffith Avoca Beach Hotel & Resort 7pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Layth Gunn Family Hotel - Tamworth 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Louis Burt Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo 6.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Mark Lee Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Mels Karaoke Morisset Country Club 8.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Murray Byfield Cessnock Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Mvp Band Richmond Inn 9.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Midnight Drifters Belmont 16 Footers 8.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Nathan Cole Duo 99 On York 530pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Pat Vs Cat Gateshead Tavern 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Reggie Sinclair Family Hotel @ Maitland 7.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Romney Watts Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 7.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Red Whiskey Vineyard Hotel 9.30 pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Sami Seabreeze Hotel 8.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 The Duotones Tilligerry Rsl 8.00pm
Friday 19/10/2018 The Leadbellies Edgeworth Tavern 8.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 The Search Party Club Catalina 8.30pm
Friday 19/10/2018 The Way Greta Workers Club 8.15pm
Friday 19/10/2018 Xyz Old Pub Woy Woy 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 All Access 80s The Bradford 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Ash Mountain Criterion Hotel - Weston 9.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Acoustic Autograph Function - Wedding Gladesville 11.00am
Saturday 20/10/2018 Bernie Tilligerry Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Brazillian Brothers Duo Edgeworth Tavern 8.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Brett O Malley Oriental Hotel @ Mudgee 8.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Brassick Function 4pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Craig Thommo Long Jetty Hotel 3.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 David Mccredie Seabreeze Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Deborah Sinclair Club Wyong Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Downthunder Hornsby Inn 9.30 pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Darren Rolling Keys The Entrance Markets Memorial Park 9.00am
Saturday 20/10/2018 Daxton Monaghan Damien Gerard Studio
Saturday 20/10/2018 Duplexity Australia Hotel Cessnock
Saturday 20/10/2018 Hendo Lakeside Tavern W/core 9.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Jason Paris Chittaway Bay Tavern 7.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Junior And Luana Halekulani Bowling Club 7.45pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Justin Banks Catho Pub 1.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Katie N Feff Toronto Workers Club 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Kelly Griffith Erina Leagues Club 8.00 pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Layth Gunn Longyard Hotel - Tamworth 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Loose Bazooka Kotara Bowling Club 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Midnight Drifters Camden Rsl 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Nathan Cole Deewhy Hotel 8pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 No Control Bulahdelah Bowling Club 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Pat Vs Cat Swansea Rsl Club 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Purple Hearts Shenanigans @ Imperial - Maitland 8.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Redline Anna Bay Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Rave On Beresfield Bowling Club 8.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Sami Settlers Tavern @ West Gosford 7.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Smokin Rosie Bayview Hotel - Woy Woy 8.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Solid Gold Party Night Swansea Workers Club 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Soundabout Honeysuckle Hotel 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Sideshow Annie Goulburn Club 7pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Sideshow Annie Goulburn Steampunk Festival 1pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The Bad And The Ugly Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The Hitpit Cessnock Leagues Club 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The Hops Teralba Bowling Club (performing As 4 Piece Band Grand Daddy Cool) 7.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The Leadbellies Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The Tantrums Avon Valley Inn 8.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The V Dubs Exchange Hotel Hamilton 9.45pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 The Search Party Wyong Leagues Club 9.00pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Tim Usher 2 Fat Blokes Pokolbin 12:30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Whiskey Business Kempton Country Music Festival - Tasmania 5.00om
Saturday 20/10/2018 Witchery Australia Hotel @ Cessnock 7.30pm
Saturday 20/10/2018 Xyz Belmore Hotel @ Maitland 10.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Andrew G Wangi Hotel 3.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Bernie Morisset Country Club 4.30pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Ben Woodham Gosford Rsl 11:00am
Sunday 21/10/2018 Darren Rolling Keys Duo Gateshead Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 David Mccredie Anna Bay Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Georgina Grimshaw Anchorage Port Stephens 2.30pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Grace Fuller Commodore Hotel 2:00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Hendo Bellbird Hotel Open Mic 2.00 pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Jason Paris Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 1.30pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Jessica Cain Seabreeze Hotel 6.30pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Justin Banks Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 2.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Kellie Cain Royal Hotel @ Singleton 1.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Kelly Griffith Avoca Surf House 2.00 pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Layth Gunn Longyard Hotel - Tamworth 12.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Midnight Drifters Penrith Rsl 2.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Nathan Cole Duo Bankstown Sports Club 530pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Open Mic Day With Casho Long Jetty Hotel - The Deck 1.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Sons Of Mercury Catho Pub 2.00pm
Sunday 21/10/2018 Sideshow Annie Goulburn Steampunk Festival