EPOD 7 Day Gig Guide

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Thursday 17/10/2019 Brassick Function 10am
Thursday 17/10/2019 Early Daze Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services 7.30pm
Thursday 17/10/2019 Red Whiskey Gasoline Pony Smt 7.00 pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Brazillian Brothers Duo Club Umina 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Ben Woodham Gwandalan Bowling Club 7:30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Ben Woodham Ourimbah Uni 12:00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Bernie Soldiers Point Bowling Club 7pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Bliss Bomb Ocean View Hotel Dudley 7.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Club Remix Greta Workers Club 8.15pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Cover 2 Cover Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Cover Girls Halekulani Bowling Club 7.45pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Creedence Show Plus Women Of Rock Club Macquarie 8.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Daniel Newberry Windale Gateshead Bowling Club 7.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Darren Rolling Keys Shortland Hotel 7.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 David Mccredie Customs House 7.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Daxton Monaghan Toukley Rsl 7:00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Downthunder Captain Cook Hotel Botany 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Jake Daulby Plough Inn 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Kates Karaoke Long Jetty Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Kelly Hope Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 6.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Kelly Griffith Ettalong Diggers 6.00 pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Lee Rolfe Blackbutt Hotel 8.45pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Loaded Acoustics Doyalson Rsl 9.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Louis Burt Kellys Top Pub - Aberdeen 7.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Maryanne Rex Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo 6.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Mvp Band Richmond Inn 9.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Nathan Cole Duo Deewhy Rsl 10pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Oran Vir The Albert @ Tamworth 9.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Reggie Sinclair The Bradford 8.30pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Ryan Hemsworth Hotel Cessnock 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Sami Country Under The Stars
Friday 18/10/2019 Slam Tango Anna Bay Tavern 8.15pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Sound Of Sunday Duo Tilligerry Rsl 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 The 3 Old Pub Woy Woy 8.00pm
Friday 18/10/2019 The Hitpit Terrigal Hotel
Friday 18/10/2019 Tim Usher Shoal Bay Country Club/duo 630pm
Friday 18/10/2019 Village Idiots Gateshead Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 All In Good Fun Karaoke Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 7.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Arcane Shenanigans @ Imperial - Maitland 9.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 At The Hop Soldiers Point Bowling Club 7.30
Saturday 19/10/2019 Brazillian Brothers Duo Doyalson Rsl 9.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Ben Woodham Bellyfish 11:00am
Saturday 19/10/2019 Bernie Bulahdelah Bowling Club 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Bliss Bomb Old Pub Woy Woy 8pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Brendan Watson Alpha Djs 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Cover 2 Cover Swansea Rsl Club 7.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Crawford Brothers Anna Bay Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Creedence Show Plus Women Of Rock Teagardens Country Club 7.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 David Mccredie Newcastle Diggers 6.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Daxton Monaghan Diggers(afterdark) 8:30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Deborah Sinclair Town Hall Hotel @ Waratah 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Darren Rolling Keys Duo Bonnels Bay Tavern 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Fuelstar The Bradford 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Got It Covered Vincent St Kitchen And Bar 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Hummdinger Halekulani Bowling Club 7.45pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Hendo East Cessnock Bowling Club 7.30
Saturday 19/10/2019 Jayde Corner Windsor Castle Hotel 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Kelly Hope The Beerhaus - Kotara 6.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Kisstory - The Australian Kiss Show Beresfield Bowling Club 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Layth Gunn Long Jetty Hotel 3.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Lee Rolfe Tilligerry Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Louis Burt Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Mvp Band Tracks At Epping Hotel 10.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Murray Byfield Kisstory @ Berro Bowlo 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 No Control Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club 7.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Oran Vir The Pig And Tinder Box - Tamworth 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Romney Watts Tattersalls Hotel - Greta 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Ryan Hemsworth Mattara Ht 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Sami Country Under The Stars
Saturday 19/10/2019 Simon King Rutherford Hotel 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Soundabout Honeysuckle Hotel 8.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Steel City Tilligerry Rsl 1.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Sideshow Annie Rock The Barn Oberon
Saturday 19/10/2019 The 3 The Kent Hotel 10.00pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 The Trade-ins Imperial Hotel - Singleton 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 The V Dubs Lakes Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 19/10/2019 Tim Usher Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 12.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Altered State Gateshead Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Ash Mountain Catho Pub 1.30pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Allan Freihaut Tuncurry Sporties Club 4.30pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Brendan Watson Bay Road Brewary 2.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Brenton Williams Denman Hotel @ Denman 1.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Ben Woodham Gosford Rsl 11:00am
Sunday 20/10/2019 Craig Thommo Anna Bay Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Darren Rolling Keys Wangi Rsl 2.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Daxton Monaghan Omurrays Irish Bar & Grill 12:00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Jake Daulby Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 2.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Jamie Martens Duo Swansea Ht 2.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Kelly Hope Swansea Rsl Club 2.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Kelly Griffith Joker & The Thief 12.00 pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Louis Burt Hotel Wangi 3.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Mark Lee Swansea Workers Club 4.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Nathan Cole Northlakes Tavern 3pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Open Mic Day Long Jetty Hotel - The Deck 1.00pm
Sunday 20/10/2019 Oran Vir Hopscotch Restaurant And Bar 11.00am
Sunday 20/10/2019 Sami Country Under The Stars
Sunday 20/10/2019 Sami Wollombi Tavern 12
Sunday 20/10/2019 The Bad And The Ugly Royal Hotel @ Singleton 1.00pm
Monday 21/10/2019 Ben Woodham Kiplings 6:30pm
Wednesday 23/10/2019 Cathy Cannon Stockton Disability Centre 10.15am
Friday 25/10/2019 Acoustic Autograph Collingwood Hotel 5.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Barracuda Old Pub Woy Woy 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Bliss Bomb Gateshead Tavern 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Brazillian Brothers Duo Tilligerry Rsl 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Ben Woodham Wyong Bowling Club 7:00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Cocktails And Karaoke Swansea Workers Club 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Cotton Sax And Strings Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo 6.30pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Darren Rolling Keys Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 6.30pm
Friday 25/10/2019 David Mccredie Mary Ellen Hotel (duo) 9:00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 David Mccredie Sydney Junction Hotel - Hamilton 5.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Downtown - The Duo Doyalson Rsl 9.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Daxton Monaghan The Pourhouse Brewery 7:30pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Hendo Edgeworth Tavern Duo 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Jake Daulby Family Hotel @ Maitland 7.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Jed Zarb Minto Mirage Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Johnny O Keefe Tribute Kurri Kurri Ambulance Hall Performing As Jok And Ol 55 Tribute Show 7.00
Friday 25/10/2019 Jumpin Jukebox Trio Club Lemon Tree 7.30pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Kates Karaoke Long Jetty Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Kristo And King Anna Bay Tavern 8.15pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Mark Lee Nelson Bay Bowling Club 6.45pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Outerphase The Bradford 8.30pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Rich And Famous Halekulani Bowling Club 7.45pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Rag N Bone Wallacia
Friday 25/10/2019 Sami Plough Inn 8.00pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Sarah Christine Summerland Sporties 6.30pm
Friday 25/10/2019 Tim Usher Battlesticks At Scatchleys 6.00pm