EPOD 7 Day Gig Guide

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Thursday 15/11/2018 Darren Rolling Keys The Lakes Hotel The Entrance 8.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 All In Good Fun Karaoke Muree Golf Club 7.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Amigos Edgeworth Tavern 8.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Andrew G Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 6.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Acoustic Autograph Winston Hotel 10.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Andy Abra West Wallsend Workers Club 8pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Bernie Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 7.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Bliss Bomb Gateshead Tavern 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Ben Woodham Budgewoi Soccer Club 7:30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Brassick Wyong Bowling Club 7pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Chris Unicomb Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo 6.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Cotton Sax And Strings Club Umina 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Craig Thommo Summerland Sporties 6.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Darren Rolling Keys Central Coast Leagues Club 7.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Daxton Monaghan Avoca Bowling Club 7:00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Downthunder Bidwill Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Georgina Grimshaw Customs House 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Hummdinger Swansea Workers Club 7.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Hendo Harrigans Pokolbin W/core 9.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Jackson Broadway The Bradford 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 James Naldo Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Jamie Martens Duo Tilligerry Rsl 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Jason Ray Plough Inn 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Junior And Luana Club Wyong Rsl 7.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Kates Karaoke Long Jetty Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Kelly Griffith Avoca Beach Hotel & Resort 7pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Loose Bazooka Club Catalina 8.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Mels Karaoke Morisset Country Club 8.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Murray Byfield Mark Hotel 7.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Midnight Drifters Belmont 16 Footers 8.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Nathan Cole The Freeway Hotel 5pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Ron Ashton Minto Mirage Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Russell Hull Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Rag N Bone Grand Central, Lithgow
Friday 16/11/2018 Sami Horse And Jockey Hotel - Singleton 7.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Shawn Lidster Cessnock Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Spank N The Monkey Doyalson Rsl 8.30pm
Friday 16/11/2018 The Bad And The Ugly Blackbutt Hotel 8.45pm
Friday 16/11/2018 The Search Party Honeysuckle Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 The Way Podium - Warners Bay 6.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Todd Stewart Duo Family Hotel @ Maitland 7.00pm
Friday 16/11/2018 Xyz Royal Federal Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 60s Mania - British Explosion Weston Workers Club 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Arcane Shenanigans @ Imperial - Maitland 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Acoustic Autograph Entrance Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Bob Allan Bellbird Hotel - Bellbird 7.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Ben Woodham Maccoa (terrigal) 1:00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Ben Woodham Margarita Daze 6:00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Bliss Bomb The Orana Hotel 8pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Brassick Function 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Chris Unicomb Bulahdelah Bowling Club 7.45pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Cover Girls Teagardens Country Club 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Craig Thomson Duo Anna Bay Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Darren Rolling Keys Duo Doyalson Rsl 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Daxton Monaghan Lemon Grove Hotel 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Deborah Sinclair Kurri Bowling Club 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Downthunder Doonside Hotel 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Duplexity Orana Hotel
Saturday 17/11/2018 Early Daze Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Georgina Grimshaw Long Jetty Hotel 3.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Greg Sherar Toukley Rsl Hotel 5:00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Hendo East Cessnock Bowling Club 6.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Jackson Broadway Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 James Naldo Catho Pub 1.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 James Naldo Lochinvar Hotel 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Jason Paris Tilligerry Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Katie N Feff George Tavern @ Greenhills 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Kelly Hope Swansea Workers Club 7.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Kel-anne Brandt Liverpool Catholic Club 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Loose Bazooka Harrigans 9.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Midnight Drifters Ettalong Bowling Club 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Nathan Cole Duo The Bourbon 9pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Nathan Cole Miller St Market 8am
Saturday 17/11/2018 Outerphase Edgeworth Tavern 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Replay Chittaway Bay Tavern 7.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Russell Hull Club Wyong Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Rag N Bone Wedding
Saturday 17/11/2018 Sami Halekulani Bowling Club 7.45pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Secret Society Avon Valley Inn 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Slam Tango Cessnock Hotel 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Smokin Rosie Australia Hotel @ Cessnock 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Soundabout Bayview Hotel - Woy Woy 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Spank N The Monkey Family Hotel @ Maitland 7.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Stu Morrison Oriental Hotel @ Mudgee 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 The Bad And The Ugly Swansea Rsl Club 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 The Leadbellies Imperial Hotel - Singleton 8.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 The Search Party The Bradford 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 The V Dubs Charlestown Bowling Club 8.00pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Under Scrutiny Canton Beach Sports 7.30pm
Saturday 17/11/2018 Viagro Lakeside Village Tavern 8.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Arcane Gateshead Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Ash Mountain Catho Pub 2.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Acoustic Autograph Ettamogah Hotel 1.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Bob Allan Chittaway Bay Tavern 12.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Ben Woodham Potters Brewery 1:00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Bernie Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 1.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Dan Killen The Bradford 2.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Darren Rolling Keys Denman Hotel @ Denman 1.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Daxton Monaghan Breakers Country Club 1:30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Hendo Bellbird Hotel Open Mic 2.00 pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 James Naldo Bayview Hotel - Woy Woy 2.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Jamie Martens Anna Bay Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Kelly Griffith Elaskia - The Lakes Festival Long Jetty 3.00 pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Klassic Blak Ettalong Bowling Club 1.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Lachlan Edwards Anchorage Port Stephens 2.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Lee Rolfe Wangi Hotel 4.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Robbie Urquhart Swansea Workers Club 3.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Russell Hull Morisset Country Club 4.30pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Rebecca Johnson Band Crowne Plaza - Terrigal 4.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 The Leadbellies Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 4.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 The V Dubs Gunyah Hotel 4.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 The Way Royal Hotel @ Singleton 1.00pm
Sunday 18/11/2018 Whiskey Business Duo Bateau Bay Hotel tbc
Monday 19/11/2018 Ben Woodham Davistown Rsl Xmas Party 6:30pm
Wednesday 21/11/2018 Ben Woodham Open Mic 6:30pm
Wednesday 21/11/2018 James Naldo Battlesticks At Scatchleys 6.00pm
Thursday 22/11/2018 Ben Woodham Savoy 7:30pm
Thursday 22/11/2018 Kel-anne Brandt Riverwood Sports Club 8pm
Friday 23/11/2018 All In Good Fun Karaoke Muree Golf Club 7.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Andrew G Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 7.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Acoustic Autograph Crown Hotel Sydney 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Bad Paris Royal Federal Hotel 8.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Ben Woodham Summerland Sporties 6.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Brendan Watson Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo 6.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Bernie Carrington Bowling Club 7.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Bliss Bomb Karuah Rsl 7.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Cocktails And Karaoke Swansea Workers Club 7.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Cover Girls Halekulani Bowling Club 7.45pm
Friday 23/11/2018 David Mccredie Plough Inn 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Duplexity Karuah Rsl
Friday 23/11/2018 Darren Rolling Keys Rusty Udder 6.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Daxton Monaghan Kincumber
Friday 23/11/2018 Hard Hitter Old Pub Woy Woy 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Hendo River Royal Inn Morpeth 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Hooray For Everything Minto Mirage Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Hummdinger Greta Workers Club 8.15pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Jacinta Mark Hotel 7.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 James Naldo Nelson Bay Bowling Club 6.45pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Kates Karaoke Long Jetty Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Katie N Feff Tilligerry Rsl 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Kristo And King Doyalson Rsl 8.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Layth Gunn Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Lee Rolfe Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Maryanne Rex Duo Gateshead Tavern 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Morpeth Ghost Tour Morpeth Ghost Tour - Leonie 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Midnight Drifters Bathurst Rsl 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Murray Byfield Function - Neils 60th 6.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Nathan Cole Club Rivers 6pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Pat Vs Cat Edgeworth Tavern 8.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Rag N Bone Portland Rsl, Nsw
Friday 23/11/2018 Spank N The Monkey The Bradford 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Summerland Kings Windale Gateshead Bowling Club 7.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 The Georgia Project Club Wyong Rsl 7.30pm
Friday 23/11/2018 The Search Party Wallarah Bay Recreation Club 8.00pm
Friday 23/11/2018 Under Scrutiny Coast Hotel Budgewoi 8.30pm