EPOD 7 Day Gig Guide

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Friday 15/10/2021 Aaron Hood Swansea Hotel 7.00pm
Friday 15/10/2021 Darren Rolling Keys Duo Royal Hotel Wyong 7.00pm
Friday 15/10/2021 James Naldo Singleton Diggers - York St Complex 8.30pm
Friday 15/10/2021 Ryan Hemsworth Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 6.30pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Ben And Vee Wedding (lauren)
Saturday 16/10/2021 Bernie Moonshadow Cruises 6.00pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Darren Rolling Keys Duo Ourimbah Rsl 7.00pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Glen Harrison Swansea Hotel 7.00pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Hendo East Cessnock Bowling Club 6:00pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Jumpin Jukebox Trio Soldiers Point Bowling Club 7.30pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Karen Soper Doyalson Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Katie N Feff Exchange Hotel 9.30pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Romney Watts Singleton Diggers - York St Complex 8.30pm
Saturday 16/10/2021 Tim Usher Paxton Hotel 3:30pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Aaron Hood Hotel Wangi 4.00pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Darren Rolling Keys Doyalson Rsl 3.30pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 James Naldo Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 2.00pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Jamie Martens Swansea Hotel 2.30pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Karen Soper Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 1.30pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Murray Byfield Bayview Hotel - Woy Woy 2.30pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Romney Watts Lakes Hotel 2.00pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Ryan Hemsworth Shoal Bay Country Club 6.00pm
Sunday 17/10/2021 Spank N The Monkey Beach Hotel 6.30pm
Friday 22/10/2021 Andrew G Swansea Hotel 7.00pm
Friday 22/10/2021 Brendan Watson Shoal Bay Country Club 9.00pm
Friday 22/10/2021 Karen Soper Singleton Diggers - York St Complex 8.30pm
Friday 22/10/2021 Murray Byfield Soldiers Point Bowling Club 7.00pm
Friday 22/10/2021 Ryan Hemsworth Rutherford Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 22/10/2021 Tim Usher East Cessnock Bowling Club 8pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Brendan Watson Doyalson Rsl 7.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Darren Rolling Keys Swansea Hotel 7.00pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Klassic Blak The Band Rave On Band Bulli Workers 7.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Klassic Blak Rave On Band Bulli Workers 7.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Louis Burt Beach Hotel 5.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 No Control Tuncurry Bowling Club 7pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Outerphase Swansea Rsl Club 7.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Rave On Bulli Workers Club 7.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Romney Watts Rutherford Hotel 8.00pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Ryan Hemsworth Singleton Diggers - York St Complex 8.30pm
Saturday 23/10/2021 Rag N Bone Jack Duggans
Saturday 23/10/2021 Slam Tango The Bradford 8.00pm